Life’s a Party – A Celebration of 15 Years 6/2/18

Joyce Werwie Perry Eventle Poire Fine Art Studio and Gallery is celebrating its 15th year anniversary!

Joyce’s paintings and those of many students will be on display.  Stop by to join in on the festivities! Free and open to the public.

Saturday, June 2, 2018 6PM – 9PM



Festivities Include

Locally Grown Brewing CoBeer Tastings by:

Locally Grown Brewing is a concept to only use local resources and to make best beers for all to enjoy.


James Johnson III EventLive Music by:

Described as a musical chameleon with wide-ranging talents, James Johnson III adapts comfortably to a variety of genres.  Precursory to his worldwide career, he attended Pittsburgh’s CAPA, where he was mentored by jazz great Roger Humphries. This laid the foundation for a stellar career that has included performing as a regular member with legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal.




When I was taking college art classes and trying to figure out what I wanted to do in the way of painting, I decided upon watercolor.  When I asked the head of the art department why they didn’t offer it, he impatiently replied…..”just take oil painting!”.  So, reluctantly, I did.  It didn’t stop me from experimenting with watercolor, but I soon found out that oil painting is so much more forgiving and satisfying to me.  All I needed to do was paint a layer, let it dry, make corrections with another layer and let that dry, and so on.  I just had to keep painting, easily fixing any mistakes along the way until I was satisfied with the results.  Thin careful strokes eventually became thick, juicy, moving paint on the canvas as I relaxed and became comfortable with the medium.  What a joyful process!!

As I continued, I realized that it wasn’t enough to perfectly copy an image in paint.  I had feelings about the subjects I chose.  I wanted to express those feelings in a way that the viewer could feel it themselves.  I moved faster and passionately with my brush and waiting for layers to dry was not going to work any longer.  My impatience made mud.  I was completely dissatisfied.   How could I get excited about painting again? 

Experimentation with painting knives brought me to a new way of immediacy and freshness in painting. Knives allowed me to manipulate the paint in ways brushes could not.  Paint could be laid down in a variety of thicknesses very quickly, and completely removed if I saw the need to do so.  I could borrow, scrape, smear or jix the paint right on the canvas.  This new discovery has opened so many possibilities for me over the past 20 years.  The knife technique I’ve developed has permitted me to create small details in my work as well as broad abstract applications and everything in between.  My work has become all about the surface of the canvas and movement of paint to express my creative spirit…..something I personally could never have found with brushes or with watercolor.








Electric Kool-Aid at the Brewhouse

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh ExhibitCheck out my work at this exhibit

Electric Kool-Aid at the Brewhouse presented by Grits Capone and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.  The exhibit is on view through November 26, 2017  The Brewhouse is located at 711 21st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. For details, click here.

2017 Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition

1968 Joyce Werwie Perry
‘1968’ 48×48 oil with knives on canvas

Joyce’s painting entitled 1968 was selected to be included in the Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition. Out of a pool of 600 entries submitted, only 54 works were chosen to be featured. Joyce is one of the only 50 artists accepted into this highly anticipated event at the festival. The Arts Festival is running from June 2 – June 11.

Joyce’s painting 1968 is on view everyday during the festival in the Trust Arts Education Center on Liberty Avenue downtown from noon – 8pm.

For more details visit,

Joyce Werwie Perry Pittsburgh Event

Pittsburgh-artist-eventPittsburgh and other recent works by Joyce Werwie Perry

May 20, 2016 6-9PM

Join Joyce at her studio gallery, le Poire located at 11 East Crafton Avenue in Pittsburgh, to view her collection of Pittsburgh paintings and other recent works.  The event is free and open to the public, one night only on May 20th from 6-9 pm.