The Human Condition – Past and Present

“The beauty and dignity of everyday people in their struggle to build a life, connect with other human beings, find happiness and leave a legacy will always fascinate me and be a force in some form through my work. These images of past and present reach out to remind us that we – with all our faults and triumphs, are God’s greatest accomplishment.” ~Joyce Werwie Perry

DANCE Exhibition – Point Park University 2013

A solo art exhibit documenting and portraying the beauty and passion of dance through the performing arts program at Point Park University.  

Remnants Exhibition – Westmoreland Museum of American Art 2010

A collection of works done in either oil with knives or encaustic wax based on old photographs given to the artist or taken from the her own family photo album “….images from the past that are testimony to the mark of the human soul and the mystery of its existence” Joyce Werwie Perry