Peddling Personalities Exhibition



The Westmoreland Museum of America Art celebrates the opening of the exhibition Peddling Personalities: Portrait and Still Life Pairings with a reception on Saturday, October 25 from 3 to 5 p.m. The exhibition pairs still life works of art created by regional artists with portraits from The Westmoreland’s permanent collection. Contemporary regional artists were invited to select a portrait painting from the Museum’s collection and submit an existing still life work or create a new work to pair with the portrait. The artists were asked to consider how the objects in their still life might reflect the person in the portrait and were invited to write an explanation about the pairing.  The 14 artists participating in the exhibition are William DeBernardi, Bud Gibbons, Diane White, Kristen Kovak, David Stanger, Joyce Wewrie Perry, Robert Bowden, Mike McSorley, Karen Kaighin, Barry Shields, Patrick Lee, Kurt Pfaff, Al Gotlieb and Duncan MacDiarmid. The exhibition will remain on view at Westmoreland @rt 30, the Museum’s temporary location, through the end of February 2015.